About Indievisuals

Our vision

We help companies to present their services, products and brands with meaningful images and animations. to communicate clearly.

We burn for good images, freeze for good sound, play with words, indulge in music and compose film experiences that express human diversity. We enjoy immersing ourselves in the world of characters, music and stories that populate our films. This enables us to understand the cosmos of our customers from the inside and thus produce unique experiences. We like to immerse ourselves in the world of people, music or stories that populate our films. This enables us to understand our clients’ cosmos from the inside out and create unique film experiences. Since 2009, we have been helping companies to communicate their services, products or brands clearly and comprehensibly with moving images. We develop concepts & ideas for video campaigns, advise and carry out everything from story development to implementation.

Our clients' stories are important to us and we always find the right solution to convey messages emotionally, precisely and to the point with style.

Our mission

We would like to contribute to this with our films, to make the world a better place and on important social issues such as education, integration, human rights and environmental protection draw attention to this.

Lawrence Richards - Managing Director

In addition to our corporate and television work, we take great pride in making powerful films for clients such as the UN, the Red Cross, Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and various other NGOs and charities. Our work for the BNI Foundation has helped to raise millions for the education of children worldwide. One of these videos alone raised more than 20,000 euros for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan in Malaysia. This proves how effective videos can be in such relief efforts. Another film raised over 12,000 euros for Tareto Maa, a project in Africa to combat genital mutilation.

For these efforts I was awarded the Moneygram Migrant Entrepreneur Award 2019 for social responsibility.

Lawrence Richards - Managing Director

The story behind Indievisuals

Indievisuals looks back on a moving time with countless impressions, inspiring people and many technical developments. When we started our film productions, there were neither smartphones nor YouTube, but a lot of analog equipment and manual work. Over two decades, we have also continued to develop and are now an established creative partner for companies from all over the world.

5 film students start experimenting with short films and music videos

  • 2003

First music video for hip-hop producer Shuko, who has been awarded more than 40 platinum and gold records, airs on Viva and MTV

  • 2004

Short film “The Last Chance” wins London Filmmaker Festival: Best Actor Award / Best Short Film

  • 2008

Short film “Lukas” wins Hessian Newcomer Film Award, selected from over 1,000 entries from over 30 countries

  • 2009

Founding members go into different film directions - current managing director Lawrence Richards to Hollywood

  • 2009

Lawrence Richards returns to Germany and expands Indievisuals into a film production for companies

  • 2010

We have already filmed in over 50 countries on 6 continents

Over the years, we have traveled to countless countries and captured breathtaking moments. This extensive international experience gives us a global perspective on things.

Managing Director & Creative Director

Lawrence Richards

Passionate filmmaker
Father of two
German-British from South Africa

2001 – 2005 – Gutenberg University Mainz
Master’s degree in Film / Theater Studies & English Studies

2003 – ZDF Summer Academy
Focus on directing & camera with Andreas Dresen

2004 – Gutenberg University Mainz
Introduction to media practice. Directing, editing & lighting

2005 – 2007 – Bournemouth University
BA (Hons) Film Production. Focus on directing & camera

Our exclusive team of experts

Indievisuals consists of a network of top-class talents with decades of experience in the creative field

Julie Gaston
Julie Gaston
Storytelling · Directing · Editing
Robin Benito
Robin Benito
3D Artist · VFX · Gaffer
Justin Peach
Justin Peach
Cameraman · Filmmaker
Peter Laupenmühlen
Peter Laupenmühlen
Composer · Sound Designer · Audio Engineer
Sven Schwegler
Sven Schwegler
Set sound engineer · Studio mixing engineer
Marko Böhner
Marko Böhner
Direction · Concept · Motion Design
Henrik Diekert
Henrik Diekert
Editor · Director · Author
Jennifer Gesslein
Jennifer Gesslein
Journalist · Editor
Rebecca Richards
Rebecca Richards
Screenplay · Story · Project management

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