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Give your company story depth and emotion: We help you from the idea to the finished movie.

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Professional Corporate Videos offer companies an excellent opportunity to present their brand and emphasize their unique selling points. You can use case studies, for example, to show the benefits of your product or service through the eyes of your customers. Our highly competent team will accompany you from conception to implementation.

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Efficient communication

With the help of clear processes, we optimize production considerably and save you time-consuming overheads.

Transparent pricing

We help you to realize your film project within budget and give you a price at the first meeting.

Creative spirit

We bring fresh ideas and innovative approaches and transform your visions into impressive visual stories.

Award-winning quality

Our unique combination of expertise and passion ensures breathtaking results: Our films have already won several international awards.

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Indievisuals is your creative sparring partner and helps you to powerfully express your vision and message. We provide you with comprehensive advice on how to present yourself in a unique light and leave a lasting impression.

What customers say about us

We work with great passion and empathy – this not only ensures breathtaking films, but also highly satisfied customers. Listen to what Ivan Misner, founder of the international entrepreneur network BNI and, according to CNN, the “father of modern networking”, has to say about working with Indievisuals.

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Frequently asked questions

What factors influence the production time of a movie?
The production time depends on the complexity of the project, the availability of resources and the schedule set for filming and post-production.
What budget can a movie be produced for?
We offer customized production solutions that are tailored to the customer’s specific marketing objectives and available budget. We provide a price range for your project during the initial consultation.
What steps are involved in film production?
Our workflow includes concept development, storyboarding, shooting, post-production and coordination with the client to ensure that the vision of the film is realized.
Can adjustments still be made during production?
We are flexible and respond quickly to our clients’ feedback to ensure the film effectively supports their marketing objectives and authentically conveys their message.
Which platforms and channels make sense for a film release?
We recommend a multi-channel strategy that includes posting on the company website, social media, YouTube, events and other relevant channels to maximize reach.
In which formats can the film be delivered?
We deliver the film in various formats optimized for different platforms and devices to ensure that it can be presented optimally anywhere and at any time.
What role does a movie play in marketing?
A film can strengthen the brand image, promote customer loyalty and influence brand perception through emotional stories and visual stimuli.

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